Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shoes by Ellie

Okay, I just have to warn you guys that I am crazy about shoes. Shoes are an obsession, an addiction to me. Whenever I see a pair of shoes that I think are pretty and which doesn't cost too much, I buy them. 95% of the time I really do, which of course leaves me poorer and poorer... Because it is not only shoes I shop, I shop almost everything I want! I have been like that for a while, but after I turned 18, it got worse because I was now also able to shop from eBay. eBay, wow. What can I say, I think I have been shopping there for over $330 or something in only two-three months, and I have also been shopping at Etsy. But really, it has been totally worth it! Maybe I will show you some pictures of what I've been buying over the internet, but what I really was supposed to blog about in this entry was shoes. Shoes by Ellie. They have sooo many awesome shoes! I just hate the fact that they don't sell them themselves from their site, but sells their shoes through other sites (with different prices). I think it would have been way better if they sold the shoes themselves. Bah. And well, my problem is not really that the shoes are a bit pricey, but the high shipping costs. As mentioned before, I live in Norway, and if I am to pay for both shipping and the shoes, the price is just too much for me. Too bad, eh? But I have to admit that I still ordered a pair of adorable Sailor-shoes from unique-vintage.com three months ago, but I still haven't recieved them! I have to send a second mail requesting my shoes (and that pair of stockings). It has taken too long. Anyway, here are some pictures of Ellie-shoes that I'm dying after!
By the way, these shoes are "normal" Ellie-shoes, but tomorrow I think I'll post an entry about "Leg Avenue 09", a collection of really awesome shoes by Ellie shoes.

And oh, those with the anchor is the pair I have ordered, but not yet recieved, and I actually have a pair of glitter shoes, but those are Mary-Janes, and not just simple pumps which I also want!


  1. Åååh, de anker-skoene har jeg også vurdert å kjøpe. Heldige du som venter dem :D

  2. Jeg og har vurdert de anker skoene =) Du må si hvordan de er å gå med når du har fått de!!


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