Sunday, June 21, 2009

A new blog about dresses and shoes, music and books, queens and rockstars!

Wow, I cannot believe that I finally did it! I've been planning for a long time now to start blogging in English on You see, I'm actually Norwegian, and been running a Norwegian blog on, but I thought to myself that I wanted to try something different, something exciting and fun! I decided that I would start blogging in English about stuff that I fancy and am interested in like fashion, history, music and so on. Well, duh, like I haven't been doing that on my Norwegian blog, but the thing is, you see, that this is not going to be a personal blog. Or, of course it's personal when I blog about my musical taste, my obsessions and so on, BUT I will not pour out all my feelings and inner thoughts to you on this blog. So I know, it's going to be a little superficial blog perhaps, but interesting and fun nevertheless! I guess some cues are baroque, Marie-Antoinette and other dead queens and ladies, alternative rock, Tudor England, ruffles and laces, books, Courtney Love, vintage, cupcakes, and lots of lots of SHOES and DRESSES!


  1. I did so vote for Queen Victoria. Du-h! I've been in the rom and touched the bed where she died. OMG :D

  2. Looking forward to this! ;D


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