Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Juana la loca

Sorry again for lack of updates, I've been on vacation, you see. To Mallorca, a Spanish island. I didn't do much shopping, but among my purchases was the book "The Last Queen", a book about Juana la loca, or Joanna the Mad as she's known as in English. I cannot wait to start reading it! If you don't know who she was, I can tell you that she was one of Catherine of Aragon's elder sisters. She eventually became Queen of Spain as her elder siblings died, but her husband, Phillip the Handsome, and son, Charles V (the nephew Catherine is always talking about in the first season of the Tudors) locked her up, and declared her mad and not able to rule her country. How awful isn't that?

What I am most curious about reading is perhaps the relationship between Juana and Phillip. You see, when the two of them first laid eyes on each other, it was, not love, but lust at first sight. Juana was very, very pretty, and Phillip very handsome, so... He even suggested that they should marry the same day, just so they could consummate their marriage! In the first years, their marriage was very passionate, but eventually they began to see that their personalities were quite different, and Phillip began sleeping with other women, which infuriated Juana. She was kind of obsessed with her husband, but really who can blame her? The man she loved above all others slept with other women and did not longer appreciate you like he did before. Kind of what happened to Anne Boleyn and King Henry VIII.

Yes, so that was today's lection, haha. I did not actually mean to dedicate this entry to Juana, but oh well. And speaking of, as you can see, my poll ended with Queen Victoria winning, so I will dedicate an entry to her next time! It's just that I must honestly admit that I do not behold all that information about her life in head, so I will have to do a little research before writing about her. And oh, it will be a better entry than this about Juana. As said, I did not mean to write about the Spanish queen, I just started to blabber as I always tend to do. Geeze, you should really hear me going on and on about Anne. I could talk about Anne Boleyn nonstop for ever!


  1. Hi Malena,
    If you want the real story on Queen Juana I of Spain (Juana la Loca)see my blog at http://juanalaloca-queenjuana.blogspot.com/g


    Cassie Casserole (or your cousin if you like)


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