Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Gunne Sax by Jessica McClintock

I am so sorry for lack of updates, but I am so goddamn lazy! Je suis très désole (hm, I cannot quite remember how you spell désole, but whatever). So. I've just posted an outfit-pic on my Norwegian blog, which you can see here. Now I am listening to Hannah Fury (gah, I love her genious ghost/carnival/baroque/gothic piano music!), and eating chocolate. AND trying to find out what I want to write about today. OH I KNOW!!! Gunne Sax dresses. You either hate them or love them. I LOVE them. If you do not know what I'm talking about, click here. I myself own two vintage pieces of Gunne Sax. I bought them both for about $10 each on eBay, being very lucky (as prices may range as high as $250)!
Personally, I can spend hours upon hours looking for vintage Gunne Sax dresses on eBay, and never tire of it! Though I must honestly say that I have only worn one of my own dresses, and that was once in my birthday party where everyone were supposed to dress out as something beggining with the letter "B", and me choosing (of course) Anne Boleyn. Yes, if the surname started with a B, you could dress up as that person 8)
I actually even ordered the "B" necklace from eBay! But unfortunately two of the three pearl drops have fallen off, so I cannot use it any longer ('cause that looks stupid!!)

Wooo, getting off topic, are we? Yes well, Gunne Sax. I obviously adore the dresses because they look victorian/renaissance/medieval/prairie/southern belleish. Which I adore.
What do you think? Below are the two dresses I bought from eBay (and no, it's not me wearing them).

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